How to use the Patent Search Engine + Patent Marketplace

With the Cypris Patent Search Engine, perform intellectual property searches and access global IP data, updated daily.

How to use the Patent Search Engine + Patent Marketplace

Patent Search Engine

With the Cypris Patent Search Engine, you can search through global patent data, updated daily.

The Patent Search Engine helps you to find results quickly and efficiently, without the costs associated with hiring a legal team to conduct research on your behalf.

To perform an intellectual property search, head to the Patent Search Engine page on our website.

From there, enter your keyword, inventor name, patent number, or company to begin your intellectual property search.

Let’s look at Tesla, for example.  

There are 2,584 intellectual property search results found for Tesla.

On the left panel, you can filter your results by category, patent type, listed vs. unlisted patents, expired patents, and more. Use these filters to tailor your intellectual property search results as needed.

If you're conducting a more general search, such as for LG Electronics, you might find the results overwhelming to sort through. For this type of search, select Exact Match on the right side of your screen to refine your results.

Note that Cypris users who have purchased a subscription plan have access to deeper insights and more granular features.

Patent Marketplace

Whether you’re looking to sell, license, or secure funding, Cypris allows patent owners to create dynamic listings that communicate context around your patented technology.

Read the steps or watch the video below to learn how.

How to sell your patent on Cypris

01 / First, find and claim your patent using the search bar. You can search by patent number, inventor name, or current assignee in the search bar.

02 / Next, claim the patent(s) that you want to sell or license and wait for the Cypris Team to confirm it's yours.

03 / Once it is validated, you can name the listing, provide a relevant description of the problem it solves, add recent photos and videos, the offer type, and your evidence of use.

And that's it! It's that simple.

For increased access to patent data, you'll need a subscription plan. Visit to schedule a demo and get started.