Technologies Revolutionizing Online Dating & Human Relationships

A look at the innovative technologies transforming online dating and human relationships.

Technologies Revolutionizing Online Dating & Human Relationships

In recent years, a digital transformation of intimacy has taken place—the Internet has become the new matchmaker. Today, it's not uncommon for people to use dating apps and meet their significant other online. In fact, over 323 million people worldwide currently use dating apps.

With more and more people turning to online dating, technologies are being created for things like measuring emotional compatibility, facilitating blind dating, danger prevention, and more. In this blog, we'll look at innovation activity in the online dating market, as well as a few of the new technologies changing how we navigate relationships.

Market Overview:

Using the Cypris Innovation Dashboard, we identified innovation activity in the online dating market has grown over the last 5 years, with a 20.91% average growth rate. The top players in the market are Match Group, LLC, Europe, and e2interactive, Inc., which collectively own 16.9% of IP in the market.

The fastest growing category is Computing Software which saw an 27.92 % increase in new patents filed over the last 5 years, as well as a lot of filings by new entrants.

As of January 2022, Tinder dominated 32% of the U.S. market, followed by Bumble (22%), Hinge (15%), Plenty of Fish (15%), Grindr (7%), Badoo (6%), OKCupid (4%), (4%) and Zoosk (2%). In 2021, the dating app market made $5.61 billion revenue, with almost $3 billion made by Match Group.

Innovation in Online Dating

Let's dive into some of the fascinating patented technologies in the online dating space:

Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Emotional Compatibility in Online Dating: This patent covers methods, devices, and systems for capturing and sharing objective emotion data in dating interactions for the selection of suitable partners, or to enhance social dynamics in online interactions. An emotion monitoring device (EMD) measures physiological signals, obtained from biosensors, captured from a couple during a face-to-face or online dating interaction, and computes emotion data. The emotion data for each person is transmitted to an internet server, and each person shares their emotion data with the other during the interaction. The emotion data is then displayed to each person on a virtual or augmented reality device.

Inventor: Roger J. Quy; Patent Number: 20210267514

An Activity-Centric System and Method for Relationship Matching: This technology is for an online dating and relationship system that relies on common interests in, and arranging for specific face-to-face in-person activities. Potential activities are ranked by an activity ranking engine drawing on activity-related attributes of the users and of the activities. Mutual selection of an in-person activity enables the users to vet potential matches and to proceed to engage in the activity together. The ranking and match engines may take into account intrinsic user and activity attributes as well as activity- related attributes derived from the behavior of the users in relation to the activities.

Inventors: Perry Stevan, Stann Dominic, Petry James; Patent Number: WO2017054081A1

Online Dating Danger Prevention System: This patent covers an online dating danger prevention system. The online dating danger prevention system includes a database that holds information, including geo-location data and photographs, to make online dating safer. Users enter a set of contacts that the system can reach in the event of an emergency.

Inventors: Simard Marcellin; Patent Number: WO2015191090A1

Friend Matching Application: This patent includes a system and method for third-party matchmaking in an online or electronic dating app or system. A friend may review user profiles to select potential matches for another friend. Generating a match may require approval from one or more trusted users, or confirmation through a voting or similar mechanism. A user's matchmaking prowess may be ranked or scored based on success and accuracy. Matches may be anonymous or non-anonymous. A user desiring to be matched may seek out and request that a particular search user identify matches.

Inventor: Christopher Jordan Hurley; Patent Number: 20180130139

Dating Service with Restaurant Selection, Reservations, and Video Promotion Included: This patent covers a systematic method for securely setting up a date in online dating applications. The first step allows a requesting member to request a date with a requested member. Next, the requesting member can enter a meeting date, place, and time. The requested member will then be prompted to either accept or decline the date request from the requesting member. The method also provides a dating history database which records a members' dating history. In addition, a method of ensuring a member's safety by allowing members to choose to have someone contacted if the member does not update the dating history database after a date is disclosed.

Inventors: Stephone Belton; Patent Number: 20210287304

Systems and Methods for Initiating Conversations within an Online Dating Service: This technology is for a computer-implemented method for initiating conversations within an online dating service. It covers identifying a potential match for a user of an online dating service, automatically generating, in response to identifying the potential match, a customized interactive ice breaker widget that is customized to facilitate conversation between the user and the potential match, presenting the customized interactive ice breaker widget to the user, obtaining the user's response to the customized interactive ice breaker widget, and presenting, to the potential match, both the customized interactive ice breaker widget and the user's response to the customized interactive ice breaker widget to facilitate conversation between the user and the potential match.

Inventors: Qiang Wang, Nathan Andrew Sharp; Patent Number: 20200364806

Online Dating Service System: This patent covers an online blind date arranging service system and method that provides information on the opposite sex that can be connected by an acquaintance to a blind date applicant so that the other party can be verified through the acquaintance, and matchmaking can be arranged by an acquaintance.

Inventor: Kwon Nam Yeol; Patent Number: KR101759285B1

Whether through measuring emotional compatibility and setting up blind dates, or through danger prevention and matching based on mutual activity interests, technologies are transforming how we date. To learn more about patents and new innovations in the online dating space, visit and get started with access to the innovation dashboard.

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